A Systematic Review: Agranulocytosis Induced by Drugs Other than Chemotherapy

Frank Andersohn, MD; Christine Konzen, MD; Edeltraut Garbe, MD, PhD

On this website you can find a list of all case reports of non-chemotherapy drug-induced agranulocytosis included in our systematic review of case reports (Ann Intern Med 2007; Epub 30 April).
Please note that we are planning to update this database every two years. If you are aware of a case report of non-chemotherapy drug-induced agranulocytosis that
  (1) was published in a medical journal in English or German language,
  (2) fits our in- and exclusion criteria (see original paper), and that
  (3) is missing in this database,
please submit the citation (and a pdf-version of the paper if possible) to the e-mail-adress noted below. It will be considered for the next database update.